Thursday, 22 March 2018

Coming to a BigRedBatShop near you.... soon!

Boxes of rulebooks are stacked high in the hallway and the BigRedBatshop is configured... I hope to put the new ECW rulebook on sale.... tomorrow!  :-)

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Mustering horse for Salute

It is that season of year when a man's mind turns to basing. This year I need to round out my ECW armies and am making a partucular push on cavalry; there are 160-odd horse above, a mix of "Swedes" and "Dutch". I've also the first of three or four infantry battalia and a Charles I mounted command stand.

It''s going to be a heck of a busy month, especially since I plan to start selling the new rules around the 1st April.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Major Goodenough's Shotte

This is possibly my favourite unit so far; Major Goodenough's division of commanded shot (the photo is clickable). This Parliamentarian regiment, complete with preacher, received an unlikely baptism during the basing process, when I accidently poured the better part of a bottle of Becks over it. Consequently they are slightly more gloss than their more sober peers, and invariably fight like Achilles!

The minis are from at least half-a-dozen different painters including Shaun McTague and David Imrie - others were odd figures from eBay that I made good. The flag is from Flag's of War.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Major Undertaking's Shotte

This is NOT the same battalia as yesterday, although it does incorporate some of the same miniatures. This is Major Untertaking's Royalist commanded shot; the photo is clckable. Commanded shot were musketeers detached from their parent battalia for special purposes such as defending or contending woods or villeges, where pike would not fare well. In FK&P they will struggle, when in the open, against enemy formations with pikemen, or enemy horse. However, they can ably defend a hedge or hamlet.

The miniatures are Bicornes painted by Shaun McTague. The unit incorporates two stands of six shot from the 19cm-frontage small battalia of yesterday, and another 15 shot and command minis. It is 26 cm wide. I decided that Major Untertaking would bring his flag along with him, as a rallying point, although there is no historical evidence for this.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A sensible battalia

Here's a departure for me; a battalia for FK&P that is, for once, a sensible size. This unit is 19cm wide, with 22 minis, and designed(to fit in a 20cm grid.  This is the format in which I anticipate many 28mm players will game the rules- quick to paint and you could game on a 6' x 4' table (although 8' by 4' would be better). 6 pike are flanked by 12 shot and led by 4 command minis. Photo is clickable.

All the miniatures are Bicornes painted for me by Shaun McTague; flags are Flags of War. The bases are new ECW batbases that aren't yet in the shop; they are just over 6cm square. You'll see some of the shot, moonlighting in another unit that is designed for the larger grid, tomorrow...

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The King's Lifeguard of Foot writ large

Chum Ian came round yesterday and took some photos of my burgeoning ECW collection. Here is King Charles' Lifeguard of Foot; I strongly recommend clicking on it for a larger view!

This is a big unit I put together just for fun; it is composed of most of the miniatures from four battalia of my "Oxford army". It is daunting to thing that, even so, it only contains around a third of the number of men in a historical ECW battalia. At 50cm wide, I fear it is too large to be practical for the gaming table.

All of the minis are lovely Bicornes, painted by Chris Meacham, David Imrie, Shaun McTague and myself. They are based in twelves on my ECW Batbases (which I really need to get in the shop!). The flags on this one are GMB.

The For King and Parliament rules themselves are close to completion; we have started the final proofing and I hope to get them out to a printer in two to three weeks, so on target for Salute.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Wargames Illustrated interview

An inteview with the very fine chaps at Wargames Illustrated, about the coming rules... and some shots of the demo game we played with them in December. The minis are looking very fine, if I say so m'self!